Supporting Gorkha families – Nepal Floods 2020

Last week we were presented with the awful images of flooding in Nepal and the news that 132 families had lost their houses, their livestock and their crops. A terrible story that our Mainstream UK Press chose to ignore.


Last Tuesday (exactly seven days after the Appeal was launched), we received WONDERFUL NEWS - through the generosity of UNCLE Supporters, the food that UNCLE launched a campaign to provide has arrived in Gorkha, and 132 families are being fed.


THANK YOU to all those who supported us for your kindness and generosity. Also, thank you to Dev in Nepal for sorting out the food (and the tractor) and getting food and supplies out to where they are needed.


Dev, who runs the Hope for Children Hostel in Nepal, and who has co-ordinated the response in Nepal, tells us "Government has not done anything. But villagers are giving applications to local police stations about damages. So many places in Nepal. Government might do their work but not yet started. All roads are flooded so many issues in Nepal. Government might do something. So many work to be done by government. Specially rebuilding roads and home and river bank."


He also told us that this "food will go for 8 to 12 days depending on how big family we have. Mostly join family with 7 to 8 members."


Thank you to everyone who has given so generously!!



Join us for our Live service this Sunday!

Our live streamed service on Zoom again aired to well over 50 people. We hope you may all join us this week as Tess Maddin leads us in our Act of Worship which is outlined in these Notices. If you would like some help or advice to join in this week please do get in touch with Pete (see contact details below).  Those who cannot or decide not to join us are invited to participate in the same Act of Worship at 10.30 am by reading, praying and singing the words as you have been doing in previous weeks - Charity and the Stewards.


Details of how to join the Live service and what to expect.


Date and Time


The service will be on Sunday with a 10.30 am start time. The format will be:

10.20 - 10.30 am: congregation joins service, with time for conversation.

10.30 am: service starts

11.15 am: coffee morning starts


If you are struggling to join, or are late arriving for whatever reason, you can join at any time. It will not disrupt proceedings.


Joining the service


Please contact Peter Charlton (, 07890 239 557) for details of how to join the service.


During the service


You will be able to listen and join in the conversation with everyone else before and after the service. Depending on whether you are on a laptop, a tablet (iPad), smartphone or computer you may see a greater or smaller number of participants, however you should be able to scroll in the direction of arrows directing you to more faces. If you have an old computer or laptop without a webcam (camera) and if you are ringing in on a landline you will be able to listen without pictures, but can join in conversations.


You are advised (but it is not essential) to print off a copy of the service. It is the same as the Act of Worship in the Notices. It will help you to follow proceedings more easily and give you the hymn words.
Click here for the Act of Worship


From the start of the service you will be muted and only the person speaking will be heard (the preacher, or someone reading or saying prayers, or the pianist playing the hymn tune). It is impossible for us all to sing together at a Zoom service (because of technical problems, it sounds awful). You can, of course, sing to the music in the comfort of your own home.


We will be recording the main service in order to review it technically (how good the sound is – can the piano be heard etc) – this is just for the organisers and not for any other use.  You will not be heard, as you will be muted and only those participating will be seen on the recording.


After the service finishes you will be unmuted and invited to stay online for a while and speak to others. You can even go and get a coffee and return for a conversation. You can leave at any time by using the ‘Leave the meeting’ icon. If you are joining by telephone you can simply hang up.


We look forward to joining together for this Church service. If you are used to tuning in to other Church services online or on the TV or radio on a Sunday morning we hope you would be able to listen to this at a later time so that you can join together with our Church family.



You are reminded that the church premises will remain closed, for all but essential reasons. If you consider that you need access for an essential reason please contact Paul Harris (01763 230021 or 07789 121913).



Royston Kite festival may be cancelled - but there's a virtual balloon race instead! Our friends at the Rotary Club are holding a virtual balloon race to raise funds for Home-Start. Simply go on their website to buy a virtual balloon for £3, you can virtually decorate it. Then on the 14th of September the race will begin for one week. Virtual balloon races use satellite technology to map how far real balloons would travel given real-time weather conditions and other factors. The results can be viewed online over the course of the week and the furthest travelled balloon is the winner! Prizes include £500 cash, an iPad and book tokens. To buy your balloon visit:  if you do not have access to the internet but would like to take part, do get in touch with Sarah Charlton (07741270409) and she can buy a balloon on your behalf.



Methodist Church in Britain Dial-a-Prayer: call 0808 281 2514 to listen to a pre-recorded prayer for the week. You can call 0808 281 2478 for a weekly 30-minute news update from around the connection (updated on Thursdays). The news update can also be listened to online as a podcast at



Our Revd Charity is walking for Diabetes UK! Please consider donating to support Charity’s campaign. She is taking part in a one million step challenge to raise funds for Diabetes UK. Please donate here:



Future steps: This week, the stewards and property officers of the churches in our Section and under Charity’s oversight, are meeting via Zoom to consider the steps necessary to re-open and use our church premises. Please pray for our churches in Royston, Foxton and Orwell as we consider and discern the best steps to continue church life. We will keep you updated!



Traidcraft: I still have a few plain navy facemasks if anyone would like one or more. They are £4 each. I also have instant Machu Picchu coffee, tea bags, ginger cookies, kitchen and toilet rolls and some cleaning products. Let me know on 0777 533 5858 or if you would like anything.



Knitting for Africa: Some of our members have been knitting Fish and Chip Jumpers and hats for new born babies in Africa. I have amassed over 60 at the moment as I looking to send them off soon. If you have been kind enough to knit some, could you let me know please and I can arrange to pick them up. Many thanks from me and the recipients. Jennie Harris



Church Financial year end: All donations or expense claims to be included in the 2019-20 financial year ending at the end of August must be with Paul Harris or Nick Keep by 21st August.



Contributing to the notices

If you would like to share a short thought, reflection or message of encouragement with your Church family to go in next week’s notices please do let us know by contacting Sarah Charlton (449126 /



It would helpful to receive feedback on these weekly notice sheets and the Act of Worship. Feel free to send your comments to Paul Harris at or ring 01763 230021




Sunday 2nd August – Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


An Act of Worship for this Sunday – click here



Lectionary Readings:


2 Aug:   Genesis 32:22-31; Psalm 17:1-7, 15; Romans 9:1-5; Matthew 14:13-21

9 Aug:   Genesis 37:1-4,12-28; Psalm 105:1-6,16-22, 45b; Romans 10:5-15; Matthew 14:22-33

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Sarah & Peter Charlton, James Hindley

 Safeguarding Officer: Richard Elcock

Minister – Revd Charity Nzegwu, Tel: 01763 241803

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