Our Ministry





Revd Charity Nzegwu





Local Preachers:

Tess Maddin



Joyce Goodall





On Trial:

Craig Shepherd





Worship Leaders:

Joyce Goodall






Sue Watson (in charge of a team playing on a rota)





Hymn Books

Singing the Faith

Royston Song Book (see next column)

Mission Praise – volume 1

Click on the fish for the index of first lines and full words of the Royston Song Book.





We have a Music Group who will sing if asked in advance






NRSV Bibles





Service Books

Methodist Worship Book

Children’s Methodist Worship Book






The children leave after an address and the second hymn.  A blessing as they leave would be appreciated.






There is a projector and screen facility to show powerpoint.  Please give notice if you require a laptop computer for this.

There is a loop system and PA with 2 clip-on mics and 1 radio mic.  The sound system will play music CDs or tapes and will play sound from powerpoint / DVD presentations (please notify in advance).






Coffee is served after the morning service