July / August 2018

From the Minister’s Desk

It is nearly two years since Michael, Chantel and myself moved to the Cambridge Circuit.  The memories of my very first visit to the Circuit remain vivid. I instinctively fell in love with each of the congregations, albeit I was afraid. It is a privilege to have this opportunity to write this article while I prepare for my Ordination, reflecting upon my personal journey and our journey as pilgrims. I find myself moved by the words of Joy Dine’s hymn (1937 – 2001): 

God who sets us on a journey to discover, dream and grow,…………

Three weeks ago, we shared in my Testimony Service.  Together we witness to the God who sets us on a journey of discovery and growth. The Testimony service was an affirmation of God’s loving grace. The last two years have been an absolute privilege. I offer deepest gratitude for all this community has been and will continue to be.  During times of many challenges and joys, I have felt loved and supported. I am thankful for your love and care.  My faith has deepened and I have grown. Royston, Orwell and Foxton Communities, Cambridge and East Anglia District, taught me so much about forgiveness, graciousness, generosity, love, faithfulness and commitment.

In the last two years, we explored various aspects of our faith, mission and ministry. We have been challenged, we stumbled, lost our bearings, while at other times we struggled to know what the best thing was to do. We have achieved a lot together, albeit it has not always been easy. Through Jesus the light, we were able to gain our true direction, focus on Christ, gain new insights, and face the choices we needed to. 


I ask for your continued prayer support for Michael, Chantel and myself as I prepare to go for the Ordinand’s Retreat, from the 24th June 2018 and then Conference. I am excited and I call to mind the African saying “I am because you are”.  I look forward to sharing with you on this special occasion in Nottingham. I therefore leave you with these words of another of my favourite hymns, to accompany us on the next part of our journey:

“This, is the God we adore 

Our faithful, unchangeable friend 

Whose love is as great as his power 

And neither knows measure nor end.”   

God Bless!

The Revd Charity Nzegwu