December 2018

From the Ministerís Desk

I wonder whether Christmas day is different from any other day when we invite friends and family to come around for a meal?

On observation, I note that people from all walks of life recognise Christmas day in one shape or another. Although some may not necessarily celebrate the day, but they will have a day off work. Some with great relish, will go all out with presents, decorations and food, others dread the loneliness, or expense.Yet still others go through this season prayerfully and in worship, recognising that Christs reminds us of the gift of God in Christ, taking our form and being born of woman in order to bridge the gap caused by sin.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus, the Christ comes at Christmas to shine the light through the darkness that has overtaken the hearts and minds of people.To illumine the need for care and love for one another.The season of Christmas makes this possible as we are most generous during this time.We are likely to give more to charity and to those who ask than at any other time in the year.The spirit of giving which Christmas encourages in all of us speaks of the generous love God shows in sending Jesus to live and die for our transgressions.

During his life on earth, Jesus, pointed people to a Ďdifferentí way of living, a way contrary to the inclination towards self.He taught that to be great means embracing a life of service, doing all that is possible to make a difference to the life of another.Jesus healed lepers cast out of society thereby restoring them into society.He restored sight to give vision to those he had been teaching about the kingdom.He dined with the rich and the poor in equal measure to show the inclusive nature of Godís kingdom.

My prayer as we prepare for the coming of Christ, is that, we who have heard the herald of the coming King, may seek to make a difference to the lonely at Christmas, the hungry, the naked or children in need of toys, so Christmas may be a special time. Above all, I pray for the courage and inspiration through the power of the Holy Spirit, to tell of Godís all-embracing love come down in Jesus.


With love and best wishes at Christmas

The Revd Charity Nzegwu